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'Only Marhaen Take Filthy Bribes' - Zainudin

KUALA LUMPUR: Former information minister and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad loyalist, Tan Sri Zainudin Maidin, has labelled low-income earners or “marhaen” as bribe-takers.

Zainuddin made the criticism in a series of barbed tweets to defend an earlier post he made on Dr Mahathir’s wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali.

In a reference to the case in which Dr Siti Hasmah was summoned by the police for a statement on a speech she made at the Women Against Toxic Politics rally held last year, Zainudin appeared to have described the move as an “insult to her and the people.”

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Kabir_Akram responded to Zainudin’s post and said Dr Siti Hasmah was a normal citizen governed by the country's law.


“Dr Siti Hasmah is a normal citizen just like the rest of us. Hence, she is not above the law. Why there is a need for a difference in statuses and special treatment?”

Appearing displeased with the response, Zainudin lambasted @Kabir_Akram and hurled caustic remarks over the latter’s social status instead.

“Who says she is a normal citizen? She is a ‘Tun’ and not a normal citizen like you, who do not contribute anything (to the country) but take filthy bribes.”

@Kabir_Akram followed up with a question for Zainudin on whether there were two sets of laws to govern a wife of a former prime minister and those of the “marhaen” group.

In a terse response, Zainudin shot back: “hanya rakyat marhain (sic) yg makan najis dedak (only marhaen takes filthy bribes).

@Kabir_Akram then reminded Zainudin to reflect on his behaviour and words uttered online.

“What a pity. Such a disgusting behaviour even at an advanced age. (And) an embarrassment to be witnessed by (your) children and grandchildren.”


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